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Selected works


Koń Polski

"Koń Polski" to najstarszy, polski magazyn dla miłośników koni. Jego pierwszy numer "O" ukazał się drukiem w roku 1965, a ówczesnemu komitetowi redakcyjnemu przewodniczył prof. dr Witold Pruski. Od 1966 roku "Koń Polski" praktycznie nieprzerwanie towarzyszy kolejnym pokoleniom miłośników koni dostarczając informacji sportowych, hodowlanych oraz nowinek i ciekawostek z branży hippicznej."

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Show / Auction

2023 Pride of Poland

"A total of nearly €2.5 million ended this year's Pride of Poland and Summer Sale auctions in Janów Podlaski. This is the best result since 2015 and the third highest in the last two decades. A total of 31 of the 45 horses offered this year were sold. The most expensive horse sold at the Pride of Poland auction was El Esmera from Michałów Stud - she was bought for €810,000 by the well-known Al Zobair Stud from the United Arab Emirates, while the record-holder of Monday's Summer Sale was her stablemate, the mare Apolonia, purchased to Belgium for €75,000."

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Production / design

Atelier de Winclair

"I’ve been a freelance designer/scenographer since 1999. It started out as passion for stories, space, light and art with a need to create balance, beauty and give importance to the details. I'm driven by a passion for visual expression and team work and have today over 20 years experience of the process from idé or need of an idé to a ready stage or design..."

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IT services

People & Technology

"People & Technology is a Belgian Services Company that was founded in 2002 by Vanessa Flament, at that time only 28 years old. It was a very ambitious dream and with a tunover above 6 million Euros, we have proven on the market that with hard work, the right people, common sense and a focus on quality, everything is possible!..."